Helping people grow one step closer to Jesus.


The Apostle Peter, writing his final words in his second letter to the church, had sobering statements to make about being found diligent by Jesus upon his return. He warned of those who twisted the writings of his fellow Apostle, Paul, and who would instruct people in error and lead them astray. Peter was concerned about the danger this posed to both new and mature Christians—that they would be swept away from Christ by wrongheaded thinking.

The antidote? “But you, grow in the grace and knowledge of our Master and Savior, Jesus, the Messiah.” (2 Peter 3:18).

This is why classes are so important for our church family, alongside connection and community. Because not only do we need relationships to hold us fast to Christ, but knowledge.

At Grace, our classes operate on the following semester schedule:

  • First Semester:  September 11, 2022 through November 20, 2022
  • Winter Break:  November 27 through January 01, 2023
  • Second Semester:  January 08, 2023 through May 21, 2023 (with a Spring Break from March 19-25, 2023)

Below are some of our offerings:

Christian Sexuality: Discover the Truth About Jesus, Sex and Gender

Sundays @ 9am
Grace Church Mezzanine
Led by Dustin & Emily Hughes
For more information contact Emily Hughes @ 719.221.3294

Wednesday Core Seminars

Wednesdays @ 6pm
Taught by Pastor Matthew

Current Core Seminar—Biblical Theology: Jesus at the Center of Scripture’s Story
Biblical theology is the discipline of learning how to read the Bible as one story by one divine author that culminates in the person and work of Christ, so that every part of Scripture is understood in relation to Christ. It’s a way to read the Bible.

Seminar Schedule
What is Biblical Theology?

Week 1: Defining the Topic
Week 2: Guardian & Guide for the Church
Week 3: Defining the Tools

The Stories to be Told—Biblical Theology Displayed
Week 4: Kingdom through Covenant
Week 5: Eden to New Jerusalem
Week 6: People of God
Week 7: Sacrifice
Week 8: Mission
Week 9: Idolatry

Putting the Text to Work
Week 10: Exodus; 1 Samuel; Psalms
Week 11: Proverbs; Isaiah; Nehemiah
Week 12: Luke; John; Colossians
Week 13: The Quiz

Dobson/Dean Bible Class

Sundays @ 10:45am
Current Study: Prominent Biblical Women
Classroom 103
Led by Ron Dobson & Claude Dean
For more information contact Judy Dobson @ 719.221.0617

Tessitore Bible Class

Sundays @ 10:45am
Current Study: Thessalonians
Gray Classroom
Led by Nick Tessitore & Karen Timbrell
For more information contact Kathy Tessitore @ 719.539.3653